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Able to maintain a beautiful yellowish green color even in small grains,
Sandawana emerald is the king of small-sized emeralds.

The production volume of emerald rough Zimbabwe is limited compared to that of Colombia, Zambia, and Brazil. Therefore, high-quality Sandawana emeralds are extremely difficult to obtain, and prices are over three times that of diamonds of the same size.

Sandawana emeralds are quite small, with polished stones averaging about 0.08 carats, but they characteristically possess an attractive yellowish green color. Stones from other sources become light in color when cut to small sizes, but Sandawana material holds its yellowish green color beautifully even in smallest sizes.


Brooch, Gold
Sandawana Emerald 27pc
2.96 ct Untreated
Diamond 53 pc
3.67 ct

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